Well Being

The Holiday season has already started for us artists and makers for several weeks now. Holiday shopping and holiday making can create a little bit of stress if you allow it to get to you. Often times your personal well being can easily be forgotten. No matter what kind of stress you're under or whatever is going wrong - you just gotta remember that it's often small in comparison to so much that is right in the world. For instance, the earth is always turning, the sun is always rising, a baby is being born somewhere, friends are meeting up and laughing together, animals are hanging out in their habitat, food is growing, the ocean waves are rolling in and out... I know problems can sometimes seem really really big but remember it's always about what you're choosing as your point of focus. Try to take a few minutes today and set aside your worries. Think of anything that makes you happy like good memories or things you like. Stay focused on the things that make you happy until you feel your energy shift. Your well being is like "a well" and you can always tap into it when you need it.

Happy Wednesday ❤