Stay Tuned To Your Own Frequency

The holidays are coming up and this can bring up feelings of stress or happiness when it's centered around family gatherings. Some of us are spending it with family and some are not. Some of us have family by blood and some of us have a family of good friends. Who ever you choose to spend your holidays with, make sure you stay tuned to your own frequency. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy the company of every family member they spend time with - annoyances can creep in, unkind words said and just general negativity seem to happen to the best of us at gatherings. To keep yourself joining in on the complaining or grumpiness, pay attention to how you feel. All that stuff going on around you won't matter if you take care of yourself and keep your energy up. Maintain your own vibe and care how you feel. ❤  

Also - I'm changing the name of my weekly blog. I'm definitely going to still share words of wisdom and art pieces but I'll also be sharing more musings from my sketchbook, maybe even poetry, quotes and some surprises too. My journey here on this blog is all about feeling my way around life just like all of us. Spreading joy is my main purpose and sometimes I just want to draw a bunch of record players, ya know? ;D

So Wednesday's Wisdom will now be called "Happy Wednesday". I hope this vibe will spread over to you each week. Stay tuned for every Wednesday in 2016 and most importantly, stay tuned to your own frequency!