Be Easy About it All

Welcome to the first week of 2016 and I've got something big to say about resolutions. We all set intentions or make goals to overcome certain things or make strides to be a better person in some way. Whether you call them resolutions, intentions, growth, goals, improvements or challenges; just remember this - whatever you are seeking... don't take it too serious. We are the only ones that implant the "seriousness" into things that happen in our lives. Without meaning to, we've observed, gathered data, measured, and made statistics of "things to overcome". It's our misunderstanding that in the "overcoming" that we become better people... but guess what? You are already good to begin with. You can never measure your strength or your goodness. Taking action can feel good and sometimes we see results. Inspired action, expansion and all the good stuff that spurs you on is not to be confused with what I'm saying here. I am talking about how resolutions most often come from a place of "feeling not enough" and then you set out to prove your "more-ness" through your effort. Relax into where you are and make the best of it. Then the impulse will strike you.

Remember you are not doing anything wrong. It has to be alright that you are where you are! This is what unconditional love is - to love yourself regardless of the conditions. To get to a place where you laugh at the things that used to make you mad. Your power lies in your mood and your alignment with yourself. You are good. You are enough.

So be easy about it all, ok? :)

Happy Wednesday ❤