Be, Do, Have

Sometimes I just want be given the map to my life, have the answer to all my life's questions or told my future so I can just know for sure. Sometimes I really do feel like I have all those things at my life and other times, not so much... I was pretty disappointed by some news I heard yesterday that a magic wand would have come in handy. But then I remember that the contrasting moments in life are all part of the ride and definitely make for an interesting one. In those moments when you feel like you can't have what you want, remember to just step away from what's going on and find some way to relax about it. You just have to. Because railing against it or pushing to make it happen, never makes it better anyway. It's in the release of the resistance that a new idea or new way pops up. In the peace comes your ability to be, do or have anything you want. Believe it and then you'll see it. Happy Wednesday ❤