Animal Totem Love

I've been drawing animals in my work for many, many years now. I've studied animal totem symbolism behind the scenes for about 20 years or more now too. About 4 years ago I started infusing that knowledge into the written information I put into each print that is purchased. I absolutely love when people write to me or walk into my booth at fairs and tell me their spirit animal - it's so cute and special, I love that. I have so many animals that speak to me and I often look up meanings when a particular animal catches my eye on my daily path. What animal did you notice today? Check out it's meaning. Today, it's the swan! Swans are a symbol of grace, beauty and the power of the self. Swans are the most powerful of totems because they symbolize trusting your intuition and seeing into the future. They are also a symbol of belief in your abilities, new ways of thinking and going with the flow of life. They are a token of true love.

Happy Wednesday 💞