Flower Blooms

I've been making a lot of floral repeat patterns this week for an upcoming art licensing show. I keep hearing that florals are what's hot for this year and it got me thinking....  I'm not sure if they were ever really unpopular. But if they were, they tend to only be "out" for a short spell. By out, I mean mainly fashion and home decor because who doesn't love actual flowers? When I purchased my first home, all I thought about was planting lots and lots of flowers. I love growing them, seeing them, smelling them, touching them and especially drawing them. I think it might be because flowers are so pure and delicate. They are natures perfection and symbolize freshness, new beginnings, life and color. It's truly hard to walk by a pretty flower and not notice it. I especially love flowers on fabric or surfaces and it's really fun to see it come back on wallpaper in a high end way. So for this week, I wanted to show what I've been working on. I saw this beautiful orange tulip with lavender accents and I knew it had to be in this pattern. I chose a black background because I love how colors just pop off of it. What's your favorite flower? Happy Wednesday ❤