This week I wanted to talk about intuition. Ya know, it's that thing where you just know without any conscious reasoning? Intuition comes from your feelings, your inner knowing, your internal guidance system - however you want to call it. It basically comes from you and you only. No external advice or guidance comes from intuition. It's so easy to second guess yourself when what is going on in reality is so captivating. But because it's so captivating, reality has taken us far from trusting in the unknown. Reality has made us take out our measuring sticks, compare, gather information and reason with others - this is how most humans have evolved into making decisions. No amount of comparisons or advice you get can give you theanswer. It's your life to live and you've got to feel good about the decisions you make. We have trusted friends, advisors or even intuitive readers we go to for advice and answers. This can help with bouncing around ideas but you still have the ability to use your intuition take the advice or leave it. Decisions are often the hardest for humans to make - we don't want to miss opportunities or left wondering "what if". It sometimes can feel good to have someone just tell you what to do - but that never lasts long and often gets you into a lot of trouble. Intuition is really simple, you get quiet, go within and ask yourself the questions. If it doesn't feel like a solid yes, it's usually a no. And that's a-ok. It's up to you to feel solid in the decision you make.

Happy Wednesday ❤