Forging On, Magic Number 3 and Tarot for Today

The 22nd of this month marks 3 years I've been writing this blog. When I first started I wanted to have a place to write things I wanted to share with everyone. It started off with literally 2 subscribers and has grown nicely into the thousands in that time! At times it feels like crickets chirping and other times I feel the love pouring in through comments and emails. I thought about stopping the blog but always decide to forge on because I get so much out of it personally. This blog shapes and forms into surprises I never fathomed. It keeps me eager to see what's next. Recently I went to a panel where a friend spoke and part of her talk was about procrastination. It's an easy thing to feel and many of us judge ourselves so harshly for it. I empathize with the low level depression and inner critic I sense when I hear people talk about it. I seriously can't say this enough: procrastination is your inner being having the wisdom to know you are not energetically ready for this thing you want to do! Now, many of you think, well... if I didn't just push through it, my world will just fall apart if I waited until I was "ready". I often hear people say they never really feel ready. But you see, this is where we have it all wrong... when you set out to do something, most of the time you are ready. When you don't feel ready it's because you forced yourself and you pushed through it. And that feels awful - that's the part that you keep putting things off for. You remember that awful feeling of pushing through it and you don't want to feel that pain and resistance again so you put things off. But it doesn't have to be that way. Remember the times you sailed through something. When you even whistled while you worked and drank a cocktail afterwards admiring yourself for your accomplishment. That's the part to remember and focus on! That's how you get yourself energetically ready. Because everything usually gets done eventually, right? Either you do it or someone steps in or it magically gets taken care of by itself. This all happens when you relax and trust that you are holding off for energetic alignment reasons. So, chew on that today. Go easy on yourself for anything you haven't gotten to yet.

In honor of my 3 years writing this blog and all the magical things that go with the number 3 - today's tarot card is The Empress! It's the 3rd tarot in the Major Arcana part of the deck. She symbolizes belief in yourself, growth, motivation and co-creativeness. In numerology, 3 is the magic number of joy, creativity, growth, manifesting your desires and finding peace and clarity within. The number 3 is just an all around good number for today. Wednesday is the 3rd day in the week. And by divine, shimmering and universal goodness - I added up today's date:

0+5+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 21 and then 2+1 = 3

.... Whooooaaa... So, use the power of 3 and the Empress as your motto, your mantra, your meditation or whatever for today. Today is a good day because you just decided to make it so.

Happy Wednesday ❤