Personal Practice, Personal Style

A big project I've been working on is now over and it's time for a mini breather until the next one. I was thinking about this one pattern I was working on and how style is such a personal practice and a personal choice. I'm loving florals and black and white coloring books so I decided to combine it with a pop of watercolor (which is my fave). I love the heaviness of black, the openness of white and delicate line art has been my favorite since I first picked up a liner pen in the late 80's. So this piece is about hard meeting soft. Heavy meeting light. Black and white is so striking, it makes your eyes dance. It's a personal style I love to see in fashion and in art. People often ask me where I find inspiration for my subject matter and color. I have studied styles from the past but at some point in your life you have to close the books and turn off the internet to come up with your own thing. I have no clue if something is going to work or not. I follow trends very loosely and mostly go on my intuition. If it jumps out at me or speaks to me, I know it's a yes. If I vacillate, I usually lean towards a no. I just keep practicing, trying new things, sticking to favorites old things, evolving my style, moving forward and expanding into something I am always surprised by. This is usually where personal style comes from - just quietly listening to your inner voice and going with it. What have you been practicing and noticing in your personal style?

Happy Wednesday ❤