Being Happy Despite the Conditions

It's been raining here in Portland. And I know we're known for it but it's been raining A LOT lately. I used to let it get me down but in the past few years, I've been going out for walks and riding my bike even if the weather is super crappy. I've found that even despite the weather, it still really feels good and a great mood lifter to get outside. I've heard Portlanders boast about never using an umbrella (just a raincoat). I used to never use one when I moved here too - but I realized whoever made that statement doesn't really walk. Maybe from a car to a building but if you walk a few miles, umbrellas really do help a lot. So I started using one again and not only are they super functional but they are charming as well. Using an umbrella also reminds me of my days of living in New York City. I've even grown fond of the windy days when my umbrella turns inside out and outside in a bunch.

Happy Wednesday ❤