Tarot Vibes for Today

It's still #inktober on Instagram and I wanted to share more October vibes. It's time to carve pumpkins, decorate with gourds and maybe even treat yourself to a reading. I haven't had anyone do my cards for quite some time and lately have mostly been reading for others. I especially love this time of the year because all things esoteric are embraced. So today I pulled a couple of cards from some decks I don't use very often.

First up is the Crystal deck and I pulled the gemstone Aventurine. I love Aventurine because it symbolizes abundance and the unlimited self. Aventurine is a green stone and can have hints of mica in it. This stone helps you find your way, have an adventure. The only limitations facing any of us are the limitations we have placed on ourselves. Aventurine helps make what seems impossible, very possible.

Last up is the Major Arcana card The Universe. Such a great card to follow the Aventurine card. The Universe card is about exploring the unknown, traveling, building worlds within you and outside of you. Full expression and individuality is important at this time. The Universe reflects exactly how you are feeling so make sure you feel good today no matter what.

Happy Wednesday ❤