On the Path

I thought this was worth discussing because I hear a lot of talk about being on “the right path” or “the wrong path”. News flash, there’s no “right” or “wrong” path. How can there be? How can even the worst of things in your life be wrong if it led you to where you are now? If you don’t like where you are now, just be easy on yourself about it. Nothing is ever at a standstill and you can find relief in that. You may not know the details of how, why, when or where and that’s ok. Just try to stay as centered and wobble-free as you can be. I know sometimes things can feel so wrong so how can it not be the wrong path? The only way you know if the path is right or wrong is how you feel. When something goes wrong, the great thing you can rely on is you often end up knowing what you actually do want. Everything you go through stimulates new thought and ideas. What feels like a diversion off the path, doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake at all. The path is supposed to surprise and delight you. You are the creator of your own reality so enjoy the journey – even the ups and the downs. The path is always lighted for you.

Happy Wednesday ❤