Mini Reading for Today

I pulled the major Arcana tarot card, The Sun, to get a read on this summer. I meant to share this with you earlier but this summer is been quite the busy season. Did you know that summer is the season of work – to start new projects, to cook things up, to make new friends, and get some things done? That’s not to say summer is without breaks from work but really it’s about doing your work with joy. The Sun tarot card means joy of living, creativity and playful pleasure. This is great energy to put into your work. Choose to do it joyfully and with self-assurance – be deliberate but without trying too hard today. If you are feeling stuck, go back to those memories when you weren’t stuck. Remember how you felt and milk that feeling. Your memories of good things show you that it’s been possible for you and can be now. Remember you are figuring things out, enjoy the variety, enjoy the things you learn about what you don’t want and what you do want. Care so much about the way you feel. Your power lies in your mood, so choose to go about your day today with ease.

Happy Wednesday ❤