Talk About What You Want

So much is going on in the world right now and I see so much talk about what people don’t want. Talking about what you don’t want has become commonplace in conversation. Did you know that when you constantly talk about what you don’t want, you create a kind of “mantra” and keep what you don’t want active in your mind? It’s a good thing to acknowledge what you don’t want – because when you know what you don’t want, you then know what you do want. But why keep talking about what you don’t want, over and over and over? So many people are beating the drum of negativity and it’s all they know. Some people never get past talking only about what they don’t want. How can you get your desire when you are pushing against someone or something or coming from a place like that? It’s got to shift at some point, you’ve got to pivot. You’ve just got to stop talking about what you don’t want and start talking about what you do want. Tell people what you want and come from a place of power.

Happy Wednesday ❤