Keep It Simple

This week I have a 3 day event I am vending in a few days (Check out StayWild for more details about coming the show!) - and I really love doing these weekly posts. Some weeks I get ahead of it with ideas and art - and some weeks not so much. A friend recently told me that not everything has to be a masterpiece. Which brought me back to the saying "keep it simple". In that moment, I really did want to do something elaborate so that made my mind go blank. In that blankness, the light hit a stone that was on my desk and gave it a bright iridescence that caught my eye. That's where I got my idea to paint a labradorite stone today! Doing a painting of a crystal may not seem simple to everyone but I felt a kind of ease about it in my mind. Doing something simply never means quick or lacking detail -  it still had to be intricately done and I ended up being pleased with the results because I just felt easy about it. So, anything you want to do today is up to you how easy you want to feel about it. If you can't in that moment, try stepping away from it until you do. It's as easy to build a castle as it is a button.

Labradorite is a stone of protection, stimulating intuition, a bring of the art of "right timing", alleviates fears and strengthens trust. It's a calming stone, as well as energizing for the imagination. It's an extremely attractive stone with an iridescence of deep and light tones of blues, greens, yellows and orangey reds. Keep an eye out for this stone - also you can follow my instagram to see the time lapse painting of this piece.

Happy Wednesday ❤