Watching Over

I don't like to get this literal with a piece when it regards ghosts or spirits. But it's the month of October and it led me to the theory of "Being Watched Over". I picked a less sinister "watching over" - more like a gentle spirit or lost loved one that you miss. I wanted to touch on the idea that we are never really alone even if it seems that way. I hope that if you are sad or lonely or feeling invisible or unloved, just know that energy is always surrounding you and gently sits by your sat or pats your hand when you need it. By energy, I don't mean it's necessarily a spirit or ghost but more about those times where you decided it's going to be ok. Those time when you managed to get yourself out of a funk or you come to some sort of peace in some way about something. If you are in the depths of something and you are reading this, just know that you are not alone and I'm sending you positive loving energy that you pick yourself up again.

Happy Wednesday ❤