Lady In White

For this last Wednesday in October, I wanted to share an old ghost story about the Lady in White. I first heard about it in Connecticut, although I'm sure similar ghost stories like this have been told in several places. The famous paranormal ghost busters Ed and Lorraine Warren, claim to have evidence that a Lady in White haunted a nearby cemetery down the road from their home in Connecticut. I have visited this cemetery as a teen, at night, hoping for a glimpse but never saw anyone gliding through the tombstones as the story is told. It was a pretty spooky cemetery, with lots of separate accounts of people saying they saw the Lady in White. The story has gotten so popular over the years, that police have to patrol the area to keep people out of the cemetery after dusk. The cemetery was called Union Cemetery and dated back to the 1700's. It was one of the first stories I heard as a child and always spooked me out. Do you have local ghost stories you've heard? I would love to hear them! Come over to my instagram and share it.

❤ Happy Wednesday