Welcome To October

It's October and also #inktober over on instagram. Inktober is all about black and white art for me. I can't participate for the whole 30 days but I will be posting here and over on my instagram. October is really the start of fall for me, the leaves are turning colors, everything pumpkin flavored is in the stores and Halloween costumes are being talked about. I met someone recently and we talked a lot about Connecticut and how haunted it is. There are ghost stories in every pocket of the world but one of the first ones I heard of was the lighthouse near the coastal town I grew up in. The story had it that a lighthouse keeper died in the current and winds just as he was leaving to visit his family nearby. Legend had it that he was a good ghost and people have seen a mysterious man appear when they needed help in the area near the lighthouse. New England has a host of stories - good and scary. I love a good ghost tale. If you have one come over to my instagram and share.

Happy Wednesday