Girl Band

Today's post is about keeping old dreams alive - even if it's in a small way. I used to want to be in an all girl band. I actively pursued it in my 20's for a spell. But I moved around a bunch and lost touch with my music friends - and I had a bit of stage fright too. But I never forgot that wild time in my life. It feels really good to have another creative outlet besides making art. Most people have one or two creative things they love to do. I love to sing as well as make art - not a lot of people (except my husband) know about the singing part. I'm no longer filled with stage fright but I do still belt it out mostly in cars, showers and my kitchen (it has good acoustics). It still feels really good to sing. Music is such a mood shifter and singing out loud takes it to a whole new level. I hope you find the time to put on your favorite song and belt one out today! 🎵🎶

Happy Wednesday