The Meanings in Tea

As the temperatures keep dropping, a favorite drink is tea. Anything from fruity, to rooibos, to vanilla or camomile. I can't really tolerate caffeine anymore so I tend to stay away from those kinds of teas but I remember gunpowder tea and green tea being so yummy. This week has been all about a combination of vanilla and rooibos tea - my favorite! Tea soothes, refreshes, gives energy and it can even give you time to pause and gain perspective.

If you mainly use bagged tea, stray leaves could still settle at the bottom of you cup; but loose tea will give you the strongest results to see an image. Look down into the bottom of your cup at the settled leaves, what do you see? What do the tea leaves look like to you? Your first impression is usually what appears to you. You can get your leaves read professionally, but it's just as easy to look up the meaning and get insight from your cup of tea - it may be just what you needed to hear. Did you see something? What's your favorite tea? Head on over to my instagram and share it!

Happy Wednesday ❤