Tarot for Today

This weeks card is The Hermit and it's quite apropos as we are moving closer to Winter. Temperatures are dropping so more time indoors is happening. Introspection, contemplation and internal wisdom are the meanings of this card.  Attending to details, organizing, and beautifying are also physical attributes of this card too. How you go about your day tending to your internal needs, reveals the basic nature of who you are. We spend a lot of time as humans observing what is going on outside of us, so the need to be alone is important at this time to gather emotional and environmental space from the outside world. Tending to yourself is imperative before you can tend to others. The enjoyment of resolution, meditation and exploring inner worlds are felt by this card. Gather emotional space for yourself, tie up loose ends and follow what is deep and heartfelt for you this season.

Happy Wednesday ❤