Urban Coyote Message For You

My friend drove me home a few nights ago as we were talking, I saw the silhouette of a dog unattended by a human, skulking across the street up ahead by the street light. I exclaimed that I think I saw a coyote so we drove up ahead to the open field and we sat a cat. My friend laughed and said "I think you just saw a cat". But then the cat arched it's back in an exaggerated stance and it's hair got all bristly - we knew we had to point our headlights into the field. I could see just the tip of the ears but another car drove by at the cross-street and there, right in the middle of the high school field, was an urban coyote. I haven't stopped thinking about this wild dog making it's way through the city in the middle of the night. In fact, there have been a few sightings but I never saw one in person myself.

Coyote animal totems have the best meaning. And because you are reading my blog, the coyote is sending you this message today too. Coyotes remind you to laugh at yourself. If things have been too way serious lately, you simply turn it around and move on with your life. Stop dwelling on your worries and stresses and know that you can't figure it all out now. You have subconsciously or consciously asked for the help you need, so just let go and allow the universe to do what it needs to do for you. Do something that gives you pleasure and joy and focus on the positives for a change.

Happy Wednesday 💞