Hello May! We are in the last month of spring. All the flowers are in bloom and the trees full of green. It's that time of year to clean out, get started and make it happen. I wanted to do a licensing show this year - specifically in person. But it didn't happen in the way I thought I could make it happen. So, I worked on drumming up some work on my own and it worked out! There are still some avenues I am exploring and things I wish were in place, but I'm glad I decided not to pursue something that wasn't ideal and put my work out there ahead of all the shows anyway. I love when things are unexpected. And I love when things just surprise and delight me when I focus on staying open.

This weeks piece is a play on all the colors, floral designs and patterns I saw in Oaxaca, Mexico. Yes... I am still there in my mind! It's truly a magical place. If you can, you should go visit the city and it's surrounding villages. Do you have a serendipitous story to share? I would love to hear it. Visit and follow my instagram to comment and share there.

Happy Wednesday 💞