Eclipse Energies and Intentions

Whether you were in, near or far from the path of totality; I'm sure you heard about the buzz and maybe even experienced a buzz from Monday's total solar eclipse. Apparently there hasn't been one since June 8, 1918 where you could see it in The United States. I remember seeing a partial solar eclipse in New York back in 1994 and that was pretty fun. Eclipses not only effect the planets energies but it affects our body energies as well. People have intense emotional reactions, so if you cried, got spooked or shouted with sheer crazy joy; it's totally normal. I wanted to find out more about eclipses and how it energetically effects us. So, I found out the mystical meaning and what an eclipse does for us:

Because we are in a New Moon phase, this is always the time to set intentions and turn them into creative action. Don't worry if you don't act right away, setting intentions are good enough. When there is a total solar eclipse happening with the new moon, the sun ushers in a more positive vibe. So if you've had your heart or mind set on something and don't feel quite ready, this eclipse with push you towards it anyway - and for the good. It's not a time to prove anything or demand anything of ourselves but you will feel compelled to try something new, step outside of your comfort zone, take a new offer you hadn't considered before. Basically embracing change, with an open heart and an open mind. Ready or not, here you come!

Happy Wednesday