Hot Spring Soak

There's less than 4 weeks left of summer and if you haven't gone anywhere or done something special for yourself - go do it! Even if it's a day trip or just an hour of your time - take the time to take a new road and try something new. We are having unusually hot weather for the summer's end here in Portland, so it's reminding me to try to squeeze a couple more fun things. Lately, I've had hot spring soaks on my mind. We have several natural hot water springs that are heated by volcanic activity. Not many people know this, but those pointy mountains we see here are volcanoes. Oregon is peppered with them. Some are dormant, some are active. At the very least, there are waters that bubble up to the surface and people have found some natural baths we can safely soak in. Have you been to a natural hot spring? I would love to know where you went! Come share in the comments on my instagram.