Watching Over

I don't like to get this literal with a piece when it regards ghosts or spirits. But it's the month of October and it led me to the theory of "Being Watched Over". I picked a less sinister "watching over" - more like a gentle spirit or lost loved one that you miss. I wanted to touch on the idea that we are never really alone even if it seems that way. I hope that if you are sad or lonely or feeling invisible or unloved, just know that energy is always surrounding you and gently sits by your sat or pats your hand when you need it. By energy, I don't mean it's necessarily a spirit or ghost but more about those times where you decided it's going to be ok. Those time when you managed to get yourself out of a funk or you come to some sort of peace in some way about something. If you are in the depths of something and you are reading this, just know that you are not alone and I'm sending you positive loving energy that you pick yourself up again.

Happy Wednesday ❤

Tarot for Today

I wanted to pull a tarot card for you all today and I got The Moon. The Moon is part of the major arcana part of the tarot deck and this card's meaning is about a daily choice of whether we will support our authentic selves or our false persona or dutiful self. It's all about choices, choices of thoughts, choices of behavior - leaving known worlds or exploring new worlds. Everyday is about maintaining a current reality or creating new realities. Choices of new, familiar and what no longer serves us come into our daily lives - in big ways or in small ways everyday. Basically this card is about commitment to yourself in whatever form that may be. The important part of this card to remember is you are free to make any choice you choose. The only person holding you back is you. And in some ways, those choices are ok too. Follow your intuition!

Happy Wednesday

Welcome To October

It's October and also #inktober over on instagram. Inktober is all about black and white art for me. I can't participate for the whole 30 days but I will be posting here and over on my instagram. October is really the start of fall for me, the leaves are turning colors, everything pumpkin flavored is in the stores and Halloween costumes are being talked about. I met someone recently and we talked a lot about Connecticut and how haunted it is. There are ghost stories in every pocket of the world but one of the first ones I heard of was the lighthouse near the coastal town I grew up in. The story had it that a lighthouse keeper died in the current and winds just as he was leaving to visit his family nearby. Legend had it that he was a good ghost and people have seen a mysterious man appear when they needed help in the area near the lighthouse. New England has a host of stories - good and scary. I love a good ghost tale. If you have one come over to my instagram and share.

Happy Wednesday


Girl Band

Today's post is about keeping old dreams alive - even if it's in a small way. I used to want to be in an all girl band. I actively pursued it in my 20's for a spell. But I moved around a bunch and lost touch with my music friends - and I had a bit of stage fright too. But I never forgot that wild time in my life. It feels really good to have another creative outlet besides making art. Most people have one or two creative things they love to do. I love to sing as well as make art - not a lot of people (except my husband) know about the singing part. I'm no longer filled with stage fright but I do still belt it out mostly in cars, showers and my kitchen (it has good acoustics). It still feels really good to sing. Music is such a mood shifter and singing out loud takes it to a whole new level. I hope you find the time to put on your favorite song and belt one out today! 🎵🎶

Happy Wednesday

Hebdomadal Artwork

Each week I make sure I do a drawing for myself. I've been asked why weekly? Why not bi-weekly or at random? For me, weekly just feels right. Each week I have orders to fill, commissions to do and requests from art directors. I rarely get to share those projects online because they are being steered and debuted by another person. Don't get me wrong, I love work like that too, but I felt I needed to be consistent and do a piece for myself each week. It started off with me just doing art simply to post and share - and then some of them made it into the shop as prints for sale. It's been a fun journey with this blog - whether you read it here via newsletter or on my instagram, I'm really happy to be able to share it with you. One of the things I get asked about a lot is motivation and how can I find the time to fit it in. Some weeks it's a juggle but I look at it like exercising or brushing your teeth - it's a consistency that I've grown to crave in my life. I feel so much better for having started it and finished it. There's nothing better than raised endorphins after a workout, fresh minty teeth after a brush and a piece of artwork that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The inspiration behind this piece is from seeing an urban coyote for the second time. I was coming home late at night and it was in the street looking right at me. We both quietly acknowledged each other and went our own ways. Seeing this coyote made me think of wolves, which travel in packs, and usually deep in the wilderness. This little coyote travels alone in the city (you can check out the art piece I did about it a few back). Wolf animal totems mean deep intelligence, intuition, an appetite for freedom, community, loyalty and compassion.

Happy Wednesday