A Recipe For You

It's almost Thanksgiving and even though the original reason this holiday was created doesn't sit well with some Americans or Native Americans, we still celebrate as a way of giving thanks and appreciation. I wanted to send out much love and respect to the Native American people.

In honor of the general goof feeling of appreciation, I found this cute and simple recipe you can make and share with your family and friends. Enjoy.

Peace 💞

The Meanings in Tea

As the temperatures keep dropping, a favorite drink is tea. Anything from fruity, to rooibos, to vanilla or camomile. I can't really tolerate caffeine anymore so I tend to stay away from those kinds of teas but I remember gunpowder tea and green tea being so yummy. This week has been all about a combination of vanilla and rooibos tea - my favorite! Tea soothes, refreshes, gives energy and it can even give you time to pause and gain perspective.

If you mainly use bagged tea, stray leaves could still settle at the bottom of you cup; but loose tea will give you the strongest results to see an image. Look down into the bottom of your cup at the settled leaves, what do you see? What do the tea leaves look like to you? Your first impression is usually what appears to you. You can get your leaves read professionally, but it's just as easy to look up the meaning and get insight from your cup of tea - it may be just what you needed to hear. Did you see something? What's your favorite tea? Head on over to my instagram and share it!

Happy Wednesday ❤

Tarot for Today

This weeks card is The Hermit and it's quite apropos as we are moving closer to Winter. Temperatures are dropping so more time indoors is happening. Introspection, contemplation and internal wisdom are the meanings of this card.  Attending to details, organizing, and beautifying are also physical attributes of this card too. How you go about your day tending to your internal needs, reveals the basic nature of who you are. We spend a lot of time as humans observing what is going on outside of us, so the need to be alone is important at this time to gather emotional and environmental space from the outside world. Tending to yourself is imperative before you can tend to others. The enjoyment of resolution, meditation and exploring inner worlds are felt by this card. Gather emotional space for yourself, tie up loose ends and follow what is deep and heartfelt for you this season.

Happy Wednesday ❤


Happy November! We are pretty much in the thick of Autumn right now but I know some of you have had snow and some of you are still experiencing warm weather. We have hit or miss years of a decent Fall here in Portland, mostly because of the rain, but this year is pretty nice. For those of you in the North East part of the US, I know every year brings a color show that packs a punch! I miss Autumn there so much. I love all the colors and kind of wish the trees were this colorful all year round. But I'll enjoy the short burst that Autumn is, while I can. Get outside, no matter what the weather and move around in it!

Happy Wednesday 🍂🍁


Lady In White

For this last Wednesday in October, I wanted to share an old ghost story about the Lady in White. I first heard about it in Connecticut, although I'm sure similar ghost stories like this have been told in several places. The famous paranormal ghost busters Ed and Lorraine Warren, claim to have evidence that a Lady in White haunted a nearby cemetery down the road from their home in Connecticut. I have visited this cemetery as a teen, at night, hoping for a glimpse but never saw anyone gliding through the tombstones as the story is told. It was a pretty spooky cemetery, with lots of separate accounts of people saying they saw the Lady in White. The story has gotten so popular over the years, that police have to patrol the area to keep people out of the cemetery after dusk. The cemetery was called Union Cemetery and dated back to the 1700's. It was one of the first stories I heard as a child and always spooked me out. Do you have local ghost stories you've heard? I would love to hear them! Come over to my instagram and share it.

❤ Happy Wednesday